Anemia juice

Anemia juice.

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Medicine disease resulting from a vitamin C deficiency characterized by bleeding gums, weakness, and anemia 2. Deficiency interferes with tissue synthesis, causing swollen, bleeding gums; loose teeth; sore, stiff joints and legs; bleeding under the skin and in deep tissues; slow wound healing; and anemia.

The scourge of sailors on long sea voyages, scurvy was recognized as diet-related inwhen James Lind showed that drinking citrus juice could cure and prevent it, leading to the concept of deficiency diseases.

anemia juice

Full-blown scurvy is now rare and adequate vitamin C usually cures anemia juice severe cases in days. Vitamin C is anemia juice in the diet of humans, though most other vertebrates, lower animals and plants can synthesize the vitamin from glucose. Anemia juice acid is important in the formation of collagen an element of normal tissues and any deficiency interferes with normal tissue synthesis, a problem that underlies the clinical manifestations of the disorder.

Scurvy is characterized anemia juice swollen and bleeding gums with loosened teeth, soreness and stiffness of the joints and lower extremities, bleeding under the skin and in deep tissues, slow wound healing and anemia.

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Although accounts of what was probably scurvy are found in ancient writings, the first clear-cut descriptions appear in the records of the medieval Crusades. Later, toward the end of the 15th century, scurvy became anemia juice major cause of disability anemia juice mortality among sailors on long sea voyages. Not until was scurvy recognized as related to diet and the concept of deficiency diseases established for the first time, when the Scottish naval surgeon James Lind showed that scurvy could be cured and prevented by ingestion of the juice of oranges, lemons or limes.

In modern times, full-blown cases of vitamin C deficiency have become relatively rare; in the United States, they may still anemia juice seen in isolated elderly adults, usually men whose diet is limited to foods lacking in vitamin C and in infants fed reconstituted milk or milk substitutes without a vitamin C or orange juice supplement.

Symptoms peculiar to infantile scurvy Barlow's disease include swelling of the lower extremities, pain upon intraductal papilloma be them and lesions of the growing bones.

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Administration of vitamin C is the specific therapy for scurvy. Even in cases of severe deficiency, a daily dose of milligrams for adults or 10 anemia juice 25 milligrams for infants and children, accompanied by a normal diet, commonly produces a cure within several days.

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