Cancer benign polyp

Cancer benign polyp

To estimate the apparent recurrence rates of benign neoplasms and development of malignant cancer benign polyp neoplasms over a 5-yr period in a high risk managed care population; to evaluate the rate of morbidity and mortality associated with colorectal polyps after the next 8 -yr period of endoscopic polypectomy.

A cohort of 92 subjects with benign neoplasms were identified with a colonoscopy in Three groups of subjects:-benign neoplasms with polypectomy, benign neoplasms without popypectomy, and no neoplasms- were evaluated.

cancer benign polyp

Five years reccurence rates of benign or new malignant colorectal neoplasms were identified: for the benign determined for the baseline benign neoplasms with polypectomy and cancer benign polyp neoplasm groups neoplasm without polypectomy, only rates for malignancy were observed. Malignancy was evaluated with immunohistochemical p53 and PCNA staining pattern. Over the next 8 years were evaluated the mortality and the recurrence rate of the benign polyps.

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