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Gastric cancer pubmed Gastric cancer pubmed Chirurgia Bucur ; 6 : Associated co- morbidities may have a detrimental effect on both early and long-term outcomes after surgery for gastric cancer. Association of gastric adenocarcinoma with gastric cancer pubmed A and angiodysplasia was not previously reported, and the impact on postoperative outcome is not known. Case Report : A year-old male with inherited hemophilia A presented with upper digestive hemorrhage and severe anemiaand was diagnosed with gastric carcinoma.

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The patient underwent total gastrectomy with splenectomy and D2 lymph nodes dissection. The postoperative outcome was complicated by digestive hemorrhage gastric cancer pubmed to the presence of lesions of angiodysplasia of the cecum and jejunum gastric cancer pubmed were successfully treated with coils mounted by the interventional radiologic approach.

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The patient was discharged at home on postoperative day 41, without any signs of bleeding. All these lesions may lead to digestive hemorrhage and can pose very difficult problems of gastric cancer pubmed for diagnosis and therapy.

A multidisciplinary approach including hematologist, surgeon, anesthesiologistendoscopist and the interventional radiologist is mandatory to have a proper diagnosis and management for these patients.

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New Agents in Gastric Cancer Informațiiimportante.

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