Genetic cancer drug targets

genetic cancer drug targets

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The My Cancer Genome short name MCG app provides information on cancer types, cancer-related genes, and specific cancer-related genetic mutations. In addition, the app provides information on the drug classes, drug targets, and drug names for antineoplastic agents, either FDA-approved or being studied in clinical trials.

The information in the app is routinely updated by the My Cancer Genome staff and contributors. It is updated in your mobile app when you open the mobile app or refresh the content.

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Will more MyCancerGenome. We are always adding new drug, disease, gene, and mutation-related content to the app.

genetic cancer drug targets

We hope to continue to add features to the My Cancer Genome mobile app in the future, as well. Please let us know how the mobile app helps you and which features would enhance your use of the mobile app by filling out our survey.

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Evidence regarding the clinical significance of tumor gene mutations for predicting response to cancer genetic cancer drug targets is evolving at a rate that outpaces traditional approaches to knowledge dissemination. To enable this promising approach, Dr.

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William Pao and Dr. MCG provides up-to-date information on mutation-specific treatments and clinical trials.

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As of Aprilcontent covers mutations in 19 cancer types. Physicians and physician—scientists from 22 institutions in 10 countries contribute content to MCG.

My Cancer Genome includes a clinical trial search covering more than 37, cancer clinical trials, annotated with information about more than cancer-related genes. Noutăți 22 mai Versiune 2.

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We have also added an iPad layout for the app.

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