Hpv vaccine how much

hpv vaccine how much

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Madelyne Meylor, 29, and Olivia Meylor, 19, allege the human pappillomavirus HPV vaccine Gardasil caused both of them to suffer premature ovarian failure and left them almost certainly unable to get pregnant. The HPV vaccines are given as a series of three shots over a six-month period.

Madelyne, a UW-Madison junior, had her first menstrual periods at age 13, a few months before her first dose of HPV vaccine, according to a brief filed in her case.

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After the first dose her periods were irregular; they became more irregular after the second dose. After the third dose, at age 15, her periods stopped. InMadelyn was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at Olivia, a UW-Platteville sophomore, received three doses of HPV vaccine before having her first period at age 15, according to a brief in her case.

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She had just one more period the next month. At 16, she was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure.

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The Meylor's also said they suffer from premature menopause, marked by insomnia, night sweats and headaches, the Journal reported. Their doctor told Olivia she has no chance of getting pregnant and Madelyne has less than a 5 percent chance, they told the Journal.

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Both could carry a baby conceived through infertility treatments. The girls' attorney, Mark Krueger, said the claim is the first allegation of its kind to reach a hearing through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a special court established to evaluate claims of harm from vaccines.

Papillomavirus vaccine definition.

Merck and Co. FDA and other regulatory agencies. There have been no reports of [premature ovarian insufficiency] in the clinical trials with Gardasil.

hpv vaccine how much

Three possible genetic causes for the condition were ruled out for both women. Joen Meylor, the sisters' mother, told the Journal she trusted her doctor and thought Gardasil was safe.

Should You Get The HPV Vaccine?

But when both hpv vaccine how much ovaries failed, she "started digging on the Internet and realized how harmful that vaccine is. Physicians recommend three doses of Gardasil against the virus for boys and girls between the ages 10 and 12 to protect against cervical cancer, throat cancer, genital warts and other conditions.

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Close to 22, adverse reactions to the cervical cancer vaccine, which is marketed under the names Gardasil and Cervarix, were reported nationally between June and March A study found that certain serious reactions - including seizures, strokes and the autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome - were no more common among HPV vaccine recipients hpv vaccine how much those who hadn't been vaccinated.

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