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A broker with over 20 years experience in our stock market told us: "The actions of the majority shareholder lately point towards the company going private, which is likely to happen".

It is a process that became clear in Decemberwhen Zentiva NV, stock ticker controlled by French Sanofi, announced that it intended to start a takeover bid, after, receiving commitments to sell for During the operation, which concerned Stock ticker fact, even the prospectus mentioned that, once the bid was done, Zentiva NV intended to take the company private.

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Later, in DecemberZentiva Group, now owned by American private equity fund Advent International, issued a public bid for stock ticker. The very low subscription rate is explained by the existence of stock ticker Sicomed shareholders, who were granted shares through the Mass Privatization Program the so-called "vouchers". Some are no longer alive, others do not even know they own these shares etc", the broker says.


Then, in early Julythe company launched a share capital increase, via cash, for a maximum amount of 30 million lei, by issuing a maximum of million shares, at the face value of 0. Every shareholder had the right to subscribe in the operation, but, because of those same reasons that the subscriptions in the public offer were very low, the participation rate in the share capital increase was low as well.

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Now, Zentiva Group can trigger the delisting". Dragoş Mesaroş, head of trading at Goldring, agrees.

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I do not know if it is advantageous or not to vaccin papillomavirus homme avis the company for the majority shareholder, but now it has the ability to do it", the head of the Târgu Mureş brokerage firm said.

So far, Zentiva Group has not started the delisting procedure.

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In order to take stock ticker company private, the majority shareholder must launch a public takeover bid, for 4. The odds of that happening in the takeover bid are low, which means that the price at which the squeeze-out operation will happen procedure by which the majority shareholder buys the shares of the minority shareholders, stock ticker the need for their approval, in order to acquire complete control of the company will be determined via an expert's evaluation.

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Many Romanian companies have shareholders with very small holdings as a result of the Mass Privatization Program, and they are either unaware they own those shares or stock ticker are dead They are not even allowed to request the inclusion of items on the agenda of the General Shareholder Meeting.

It is a legal method for shareholders to be removed from the company, at a price that is considered fair", the broker, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

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The complainants filed an appeal which was suspended through the mutual agreement of the parties in Januaryin order to reach an amicable settlement; - InSanofi Aventis Europe, which then indirectly owned

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