Endometrial cancer hysteroscopy

Endometrial cancer hysteroscopy Dysbiosis treat

Clinical and morphological correlations in early diagnosis of endometrial cancer.

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Rom J Morphol Embryol ; 59 2 : Inglês MEDLINE ID: mdl The prevalence of endometrial cancer among asymptomatic women is rather reduced also due to the absence of a cost -efficient test, as there are no ideal screening examinations for endometrial cancer.

Several methods were proposed in medical practice to discover endometrial neoplasia at an early stage, among which endometrial biopsyendovaginal ultrasound, targeted biopsy hysteroscopy. This study was made on a group of 38 patients endometrial cancer hysteroscopy for metrorrhagia in the interval between July 1, July 1, All patients were monitored clinically and by ultrasound, endometrium samples were taken endometrial cancer hysteroscopy biopsied uterine curettageand a histopathological examination was performed, completed endometrial cancer hysteroscopy immunomarking, whenever necessary.

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The clinical and paraclinical methods allowed for the creation of a protocol by which patients were monitored. This protocol allowed for the modulation and effectiveness of the treatmentestablishing the best therapeutic conduct and the remote supervision.

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